Golfing in Munnar

On our first hike into the tea fields, we passed a sign saying “High Ridge Club.” Cat couldn’t believe that a golf course could be found out in the hills of India but our guide for the day confirmed that it was indeed a golf course and that it was built during the British reign as many of the Brits living in India would come to the hills in order to escape the burning heat of summer. Well, the next day, we decided we could not miss the opportunity to golf in India even though John had never played a full round of golf before.

We showed up at the golf course dressed in the best golfing attire we could find and not really knowing what to expect. As soon as we walked in, we were quickly ushered into a clubhouse that felt as if you were stepping back into time – it hadn’t been updated since it was built in the early 1900’s. Luckily, they had one set of clubs for us to rent (who needs two sets of clubs anyways) and some brand new golf balls. After a few warm-up swings we were off. Well, lets just say the technique left a lot to be desired – not to mention a lot of golf balls hit out of bounds – but as one of only three pairs golfing that day, we had an incredible time and enjoyed the opportunity to spend the day golfing surrounded by mountains and tea fields. True to its British legacy, our round ended with tea and finger sandwiches overlooking the 18th green.

DSC_7620 DSC_7625 DSC_7632 DSC_7651 DSC_7649 DSC_7635


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