Scuba, Sand and New Friends: Our Trip to Koh Tao

After eight months on the road, it was finally time to spend some time on the beach and what better place to do that then the Thai islands! And, conveniently for us, Koh Tao is also one of the cheapest places to scuba dive in the world and Cat was eager to learn to dive and catch up with John who was already an certified diver.

Four days after arriving, Cat was a certified diver and ready to take on the “big blue” with John. While learning to dive, Cat met a lovely German couple, Catharina and Sebastian, who quickly became our fast friends and diving buddies. After Cat was certified, John wanted to join in on the diving adventures and so we decided to do our advanced open water course together to keep the fun going in Koh Tao. Our days started out with diving in the morning, a lazy lunch in the afternoon, an hour of yoga as the sun set and then – no surprise here – a great dinner and a few beers at our favorite Thai restaurant Ying Yang. The diving was beautiful and we saw some incredible marine life under the water. After finishing four days of diving, the foursome decided to hit up the best beaches Koh Tao had to offer and every morning piled into the back of a pickup truck to check another beach off our list.

Also, hats off to our incredible dive instructor Jo and the whole team at Ocean Sound Diving & Yoga. We had a blast in Koh Tao – from great dives every day, to relaxing yoga each night, to a night of pizza and beers to cap off a great stay on the island.

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